The first shape in the Offense tree, projectile is one of the most basic targeting shapes and also one of the most used shapes.

Introduction Edit

"You are able to focus your will into a concentrated ball, which you can propel forwards away from you. The projectile will last for 5 seconds of flight, or until it strikes something. It will by default pass through water and non-collidable blocks unless you modify it with target non-solid blocks".

Projectile is a Targeting Shape. It is the first shape under the Offense tree.

Effect Edit

Creates a projectile (similar to an arrow) that travels for 5 seconds or until it touches a block, mob, or player. Can be modified by Speed, Gravity, Bounce, Duration, Piercing, or target non-solid blocks.

Required Items Edit

Requires Vinteum Dust, an arrow and a snowball to make a spell including it.

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