Regeneration is a blue spell component under the Defense tree that grants the Regeneration buff, healing the player more quickly over time.

Unlocking Edit

To unlock the Regeneration component, it is required that the Self shape be known.

Effect Edit

The spell grants the Regeneration buff to the target. The potency of the Regeneration is dependent on modifiers added to the spell. With no modifiers, Regeneration I (the most basic form) is applied, which roughly doubles your regeneration compared to just having a full stomach and waiting.

Regeneration has 50% Nature affinity and 50% Life affinity.

Required Materials Edit

Blue rune, golden apple.

Trivia Edit

  • Even though this spell is very early in the tree, it is very costly mana-wise for a low-level mage, so perhaps not the best spell for a novice mage to learn with their first few points.
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