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The Ritual of Purification converts an Obelisk into a Celestial Prism, a crystal which naturally produces Light Essence using the power of the sun. Note that all materials used in the ritual are consumed and lost once it is complete. Also note that the Prism will only work if it has direct line of sight to the sky, and, unaugmented, will only work during the day.

Required items

Performing the Ritual

First, place an obelisk in the middle of a small, flat area. It need not contain any Liquid Etherium or Vinteum Dust . Draw an 'X' with Wizard's Chalk, and place Warding Candles in the outside corners, as shown in the diagram to the right. Do not attune the Warding Candles to a block.

Ritual of Purification.png

 They are crafted unattuned, and must remain as such for the ritual.

Next, while standing outside of the 'X', throw in the Moonstone and Mana Focus.

Finally, cast your Projectile | Light spell directly at the obelisk, and voila, it'll transform into a Celestial Prism. The ritual will be completed.