Ars Magica 2 Wiki

Runes refer to a group of items that resemble smooth, grey stones that often have a coloured symbol on it. Runes are common ingredients required in the creation of many different spells.

Crafting a rune

blank runes

6 cobblestone for 2 runes,leaving top left/right and bottom right empty

colored runes

Corored rune (shapeless recipe)

  • 20 coroas
  • 1 dye


Spell creation always needs one blank rune to start with. Most of the recipes will ask for a coloured rune, several other items need runes as well in their crafting recipe such as mage armor.

Here is an overview for all runes:

Rune Uses Elemental Affinity(ies)
Blank Rune It is used to begin crafting a spell, for mage armor, and to craft colored runes. None
Yellow Rune Rune (with others), Acceleration, Haste, Knockback, Lightning Damage, Thunderstorm, Lightning
Purple Rune Rune (with others), Rune Procs (with others), Astral Distortion, Blink, Dispel, Divine Intervention, Ender Intervention, Magic Damage, Rift Storage (with White), Telekinesis Ender
Black Rune Rune (with others), Rune Procs (with others), Attract, Blind, Drown (with Blue), Invisibility, Life Drain, Life Tap, Mana Drain, Random Teleport Ender
Blue Rune Rune (with others), Rune Procs (with others), Banish Rain, Create Water, Drown (with Black), Freeze, Frost Damage, Regeneration, Shield, Swift Swim, Transplace (with Red), True Sight, Water Breathing, Watery Grave Water/Ice
Red Rune Rune (with others), Charm, Fire Damage, Force Damage, Forge, Mark, Transplace (with Blue) Fire
White Rune Rune (with others), Rune Procs (with others), Chrono Anchor, Flight, Fling, Leap, Levitation, Light, Reflect, Repel, Rift Storage (with Purple) Air
Orange Rune Rune (with others), Dig, Disarm, Drought, Ignition, Recall Earth
Green Rune Entangle, Gravity Well, Grow, Harvest, Heal, Night Vision, Plant, Plow, Slow, Wizard's Autumn Nature/Life