Ars Magica 2 Wiki

Self is one of the basic targeting shapes and also one of the most used shapes for buffs and healing.


"One of the simplest forms of magic application is applying the magic to yourself. The distance is low, and the target is willing. You only hope you don't accidentally light yourself on fire". Self is the first targetting shape in the Defense tree.


Makes it so that the spell targets the caster. Recommended for self-buffing, healing, using Recall to teleport yourself or using Contingency: Death/Damage to cast a harmful spell on an attacker (make sure you used the Zone Shape or you will probably not hit the target (when using Contingency: Death, make sure to use a spell that will have little or no effect on you since you will get caught up in it yourself.))

Note: If you use this shape, do not use harmful modifiers to not risk hitting yourself.

Required Items

Requires Vinteum Dust, an Aum, a Lesser Focus , and 500 neutral essence .


This shape is a very easy way to gain magic XP and affinity since there is always a target available: YOU. For example using one buff (like Haste) with Self.