Self is a Targeting Shape. It is found under the Defense tree.

Effect Edit

Makes it so that the spell targets the caster. Recommended for self-buffing, healing, using Recall to teleport yourself or using Contingency: Death/Damage to cast a harmful spell on an attacker (make sure you used the Zone Shape or you will probably not hit the target (when using Contingency: Damage, make sure to use a spell that will have little or no effect on you since you will get caught up in it yourself.))

(Note: If you use this shape, do not use harmful modifiers to not risk hitting yourself.)

Requirements Edit

Self has no requirements; it is the first item in the Defensive tree.

Tips Edit

This Shape is a very easy way to gain magic XP and affinity since there is always a target available: YOU. For example using one buff (like Haste) with Self.

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