Ars Magica 2 Wiki

Skill Points are used to unlock spell components in the Occulus. They come in three colors: Red, Green and Blue. Each type of point can be used to unlock many different spell types and beneficial abilities.

Blue Skill Points

Blue Skill Points are the first skill points you obtain, and the easiest to get. Gained by absorbing a blue Infinity Orb or by leveling up, they are used to unlock the very first skills in the Occulus. Blue Infinity Orbs can be dropped by the Water Guardian and Earth Guardian. They can also be found in dungeon chests. A blue skill point is assigned every 5 Magic Levels.

Green Skill Points

Green Skill Points are used for intermediate spell components and skills, such as Life Tap. They are obtained by leveling up, or by using a Green Infinity Orb. Green Infinity Orbs are dropped by the Air Guardian, Arcane Guardian and Lightning Guardian. They can also be found in dungeon chests. A green skill point is assigned whenever the player reaches every 10 Magic Levels.

Red Skill Points

Red Skill Points are obtained by using a Red Infinity Orb. Red Infinity Orbs can be obtained by defeating the Fire, Nature, Winter, or Ender Guardians. They can be used to unlock the most powerful skills available in the Occulus. This includes things like Storm, and Flight. A red skill point is assigned every 20 Magic Levels.