Ars Magica 2 Wiki
Spell recipes are books with information in them about the spell planed to be created from the inscription table, the contain the affinities the user will gain each time the spell is used and how much of the spell it is to that affinities. It also contains information of the materials required to construct the spell and what shapes and components it uses.


The book is only used for reference of what materials are needed to make the spell and to only be placed on the lectern of a crafting altar to begin the process of crafting the spell. It doesn't seem to have any uses other than instructing the player what pieces have gone into the spell, and what ingredients are required to finalise it. The next component to be offered to the Altar will appear over the book.

Upon completing the spell and receiving the spell item, it is safe to give it to another player (so they can build it themselves) or have it destroyed.


  • Though the spell recipe book itself cannot be renamed unless through an anvil or through external NBT modifications, the completed spell can be renamed and have its image reassigned at the Inscription Table by placing the spell "item" into the book slot and pressing "Reset Name". The spell will be named to "Unnamed Spell" and will have the default image, and must be used once in order to re-add this information. It is unnecessary to rename the spell recipe book anyway, as the name and image of the completed spell can be changed any time with an Inscription Table.
  • The recipe book cannot be removed once spell creation has begun (the Blank Rune has been offered up), until spell creation has concluded (the Spell parchment has been offered up). Doing so will cause the Altar to explode, likely killing the player.