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Spells are magical items that can be used for offensive, defensive, or utility purposes. All spells require a certain amount of mana to cast. They also inflict fatigue on the player, which is called burnout. The magnitude of spell effects can be increased with the silver modifier Buff Power.

All spells are composed of shapes, components, and modifiers. They can include any number of spell parts, but have certain orders and restriction in their applications. Spells can be crafted by learning the spell parts, designing the spell, and creating it at the crafting altar.

Silver spells need to be unlocked by a specific combination of spells.

The interactive Occulus Skill Tree can be found through this link

Main article: Spell Creation

Spell components


This will control the way the components of the spell will work. They are denoted by a square-rimmed icon, and are required for every spell, as no spell can have a functional purpose without a method to cast it, whether touch, projectiles, or AOE, etc.



"You are able to focus your will into a concentrated ball, which you can propel forwards away from you."

Shoots a ball of magic that has a medium mana cost

Required items: Snowball, Arrow, Vinteum Dust



Applies effects to you or in the case of runes, whoever activated it.

Required items: Aum, Lesser Focus, Vinteum Dust.


"Simply wrap your hand in magic, and reach out."


The "Touch" shape will target blocks/entities that you touch. Low mana cost.

Required items: Feather, Raw Fish, Clay, Vinteum Dust


"It isn't much of a mental shift to switch from a channeled spell to a beam. The amount of strain, however, is another story. A beam is a more controlled version of a channeled spell."


The "Beam" shape will continuously trigger the effects on whatever you're targeting. A range of 5 blocks. High mana cost.

Required items: Standard Focus, 2x Blue Topaz, Aum, Vinteum Dust, Ethurium (Neutral)


"You have learnt to focus your will into an area effect that will persist for a time."


Makes a 'zone' of the spell cast. Needs a target shape after it. This shape will continue ticking the spell effect it was attached to extremely quickly, approx. once every quarter of a second.

Required items: Tarma Root, Moonstone, Diamond, Sunstone


"You can manifest a wall in front of you. The wall will run perpendicular to your current direction. Walls function similarly to zones, but with a different form factor. Walls also apply their effects more rapidly."

Makes a wall in front of the caster, if you are facing north/south the wall will run east-west. Needs a target shape after it. This shape will continue ticking the spell effect it was attached to extremely quickly, approx. once every quarter of a second, like Zone.and will dimish down after 5-6 seconds.

Required items: Vinteum Dust, 2x Magic Wall, Etherium (Light, Neutral & Dark), Fence, Cobblestone Wall.


"Through intense concentration, a mage can maintain a flow of magic in front of them. There is no precise control, but under the right circumstances, that can be exactly what is needed."


The "Channel" shape will continuously cast the spell in front of you. Low mana cost but high casting rate.

Required items: Tarma root, Arcane Ash, Arcane Essence


"You can shape your magic into a blast that jumps from one target to the other"


The "Chain" shape will target up to 4 additional blocks/entities in a radius around the first target. High mana cost.

Required items: Iron Ingot, Tripwire Hook, String, Sunstone, Lead

Area of Effect

"After charging your spell, you can shape it into a blast that radiates outwards from the spell's origin."


The "AoE" shape will cast the spell in an area around the place where it's triggered. This shape must be placed last.

Required items: Moonstone, Air Essence, TNT


"You can create a magically-infused rune on the ground that when triggered can apply powerful buffs...or deadly traps."

Rune Shape.png

The "Rune" shape will place a rune on the ground. The rune placed has only one use and triggers whatever spells are on it. The shape must be added after this shape and is used to place the rune, not what the rune does.

Required items: Runes (Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Black, White)


NOTE: The following was taken from the Arcane Compendium. The linguistic format is incorrect for use in this Wiki, but hopefully, it will give a basic understanding of what each spell component does.


Physical Damage (Force Damage)

"Often a young mage will begin his training with simple physical force.  More often he will continue that training by smacking his colleagues in the back of the head with more physical force."

Physical damage is one of the weaker damage types, and does not pierce armor. Costs the least mana of the five types.

Magical Damage (Magic Damage)

"Magical damage differs from physical damage in that it bypasses many kinds of armors and attacks the target's aura directly - which can be just as devastating, if not more. This makes summoned and charmed creatures especially vulnerable, making them take triple damage."

Magical damage bypasses armor, and does 3x damage to summoned and charmed creatures. This damage type is the second least expensive, tied with Frost Damage.

Frost Damage (Frost Damage)

"Many underestimate the power that frost can wield.  The creeping chill can bypass many armors, and frost is devastating against the denizens of the nether".

Frost damage bypasses armour, and does extra damage against nether mobs. It is tied with Magic Damage as the second least expensive damage type.

Lightning Damage (Lightning Damage)

"I held my hands in front of me, and with a sharp crack a bolt of brilliant white lightning forked across the sky.  His metal armor acted as a lightning rod, drawin him."

Lightning does an exceptional amount of damage but carries a hefty mana cost. Costs the most mana of all four base damage types.

Required items: Vinteum Dust, Stick, Yellow Rune, Iron Ingot

Fire Damage (Fire Damage)

With a word, I released my will and fire erupted from out in front of me, searing everything in its path.  Fire damage is hard hitting, but many nether mobs are immune to its effects."

Costs the second most mana of all four types. Fire damage does not set enemies on fire. Does alot of damage, but is especially ineffective against nether mobs.


"Many magi see fire as a damaging, destructive force, and that can be true.  But how many hear fire and imagine lighting a stove, campfire or candle?"

Lights the target entity or block on fire. 


"You have gained fine control over fire and can use it to magically smelt blocks where they stand, without charring them to ash."

Used to smelt blocks like they would in a furnace. Works well with dig.


"Having a fireball to throw at dark mages is great.  Making it so they can't see to retaliate is better."

Applies a blindness effect to target entity.


"Eira breathed deeply and opened her eyes.  The caps of the mountains now glistened white with snow and a sublime frost covered everything.  Water had become ice.  Enemies moved at a crawl.  Perfect."

Applies slowness to entities, can freeze water and lava when used inside it.


"Not many mages want to be in melee range.  This allows that situation to be corrected. Can be combined with a Zone or Wall shape to create a repulsing field."

Knocks back the entity target much like the enchantment.

Astral Distortion

"As I tried to step into the void, the warp shimmered and seemed to solidify.  I walked face first into it, much to the amusement of my students.  This effect seemed to prevent my teleportation abilities entirely.  I had to turn this against Endermen as well."

Stops teleportation of all types. Good to use on enderman or enemies that happen to teleport away.


"Wind whirled around under the creeper and suddenly all at once blew straight up, sending it skyward."

Throws entities up in the air, causing a small amount of fall damage. Can be increased with "velocity added".

Watery Grave

"The water seemed to come alive, wrapping tendrils around the light mage and dragging him down into the black, crushing depths.  His friend on the shore could only watch helplessly, for to jump into the water would mean the same fate for him."

Makes entities sink to the bottom of a water pool. Possible to fly out but not swim.


"You can create water directly inside the target's lungs, causing them to take drowning damage."

Makes entities take drowning damage.



This spell causes targeted blocks to tick faster. Note that it does not make tile entities any quicker. This spell is best used in a shape like beam, wall, or zone, due to its need to be cast multiple times to have any real effect.


This spell can take blocks or mobs and store them magically, until, when used again, they are 'summoned' back to this realm.


"Gathering wind around me, I propelled myself into the air.  I held the wind close through the jump, releasing it in an upward burst just as I landed, protecting me from the fall."


"I wrapped my arm in a healing light, and watched as every injury, down to the last bruise, slowly vanished before my eyes."

Casting strength will influence the type of regeneration applied. Applies Regeneration I/II/III for 11 seconds. Duration is unaffected by cast strength.


"Become light as a feather, and fall without fear."

Life Tap

"If a mage is desparate and mana is scarce, he can fuel his spells using his own life force."


If used with a self, you are able to heal yourself or other players when used with projectile.


By applying the equivalent of a magical ball and chain, a mage can greatly slow the movements of his target.


Wrapping the target's legs in arcane energy, a mage can greatly increase movement speed.

Gravity Well

You have learned to create a localized gravity well under your target, greatly increasing the speed at which they fall.

Life Drain

By creating a sinister link with the target's life force, you can siphon it off into your own, bolstering your own health.


Creating a localized field of deficit, you can remove a number of effects on your target.


You can create a singularity in space, which, as long as you maintain it, will radiate waves of force, pushing enemies and deflecting arrows away from you.

Swift Swim

By manipulating water currents, you can propel yourself along much more quickly underwater.


Through practicing air magic, you can now hold yourself suspended in midair.  With small wind currents, you can move slowly about while floating. This is somewhat like creative-mode flying, but much, much slower.

Mana Drain

You can create a parasitic bond with the target's aura, draining their mana and boosting your own.


At your command, vines can burst from the ground and ensnare your target, holding them completely immobile. Contrary to the description, this does not truly immobilize a target. Instead, they are slowed to a mere crawl, reducing their speed to about 1 block every two seconds. Duration is increased by casting mode, 5/10/15 seconds. Increasing the cast strength does not impact the strength of the slow.


With a word, I rose into the air and mingled with the clouds and sky.  I flew effortlessly, quick and agile.  The skies were mine alone.


You can summon the arcane energy to shield yourself.  This shield will reduce all damage taken.  This cannot be active at the same time as reflect.


You can change the makeup of your shield so that spells will bounce off instead of reducing physical damage.  This cannot be active at the same time as shield.

Chrono Anchor

You can anchor yourself in time.  When the timer runs out, you are transported back to the place you cast this spell, with your health, mana, burnout, and hunger returning to what they were when the spell was first cast.



You can create solid objects out of nothing!  The binding shape allows you to bind tools to yourself, which drain constant mana while bound, and burst mana when used instead of durability.  Dropping the item with the drop hotkey (default 'q') will instead unbind it.


You can charm creatures into fighting for you, and certain creatures will do special things when charmed.  Charming also causes creatures to breed (if they are capable of doing so by other means).


The ground shatters with a snap of your fingers. Harder blocks take more mana to break. Diminished is the equivalent of a stone pickaxe, normal is an iron and augmented is a diamond pick.


You can light up an area with magic. Applies a 11/13/15 light strength floating purple light. This light will hover on it's own, and is not reliant to being attached to any surface. These do not appear to disappear, so are viable alternatives to torches. For reference, a torch has light strength 14, glowstone 15.


Now that you have learned to summon tools to your hand, it was a small step to be able to make others drop what they are holding. This works on Dark Mages (dropping a NONE Affinity Tome), Skeletons, Zombie Pigmen and any other mob or player that physically hold something. Interestingly, Light Mages are immune to this.


You can tear open a rift in space, granting access to a small dimension to store items in.  The rift lasts for 60 seconds before closing automatically.  Higher casting modes give greater storage access.  Sneak+Right click to close the rift once it is opened.


You create an area of negative pressure around you, pulling everything living in towards you.


You can use your magic to amplify your brainwaves, giving them physical form.  These waves can be used to pull items and XP towards you.

Harvest Plants

You can cause all plants, leaves, and flowers to be harvested.


You can cause the earth to churn at your command, creating deep furrows ideal for planting.

the air around into one location, creating water where there was none. This creates a source block of water where you point it at.


Pouring energy into plants, equal to months of talking to them, will cause them to grow more rapidly.

Banish Rain

Rain rain, go away.  Come again another day!  Who would have thought that those were the words to the spell?

Water Breathing

You can use your magic to pull oxygen from the water, allowing you to get enough to not drown.

Night Vision

Your knowledge of light has allowed you to devise a spell that will let you amplify light levels, effectively letting you see in the dark.

True Sight

Your magical sight allows you to see things as they really are.  Who knows what beauties...and horrors you will discover.


You can bend light around yourself to become effectively invisible.

Random Teleport

You can randomly teleport your target a short distance away.


Allows you to teleport a short distance fowards


Your knowledge of teleportation magic has grown.  You can now switch places with your target.


You can magically mark a location, which you can recall to from almost anywhere.


You can tune your teleportation magic to home in on a mark you have left, transporting you or your target back to its location.

Ender Intervention

You have mastered teleportation magic, to the level at which you can transcend interdimensional barriers, and can enter the nether from anywhere.

Divine Intervention

You have mastered teleportation magic, to the level at which you can transcend interdimensional barriers, and can enter the overworld from anywhere.  If cast when you are already in the overworld, you will be returned to your bed, or to spawn if no bed exists.


You have learned to harvest the essence of creatures you defeat in combat.  These essences can be used in creating a spell to summon that creature to protect you.

To summon a creature, first craft a Crystal Phylactery.  Once you kill something while holding an empty phylactery, that phylactery will become Crystal Phylactery to that specific mob.  Kill enough of the same mob and you will fill the phylactery. During spell creation, you can throw in any filled phylactery when prompted by the lectern.  This step is what determines what your spell will summon .

Summoned creatures drop no loot, and no xp, but can be interacted with normally, such as breeding, milking cows, or riding horses.  Horses are the exception to the item drop rule and will drop saddles and armor given to them.

Tameable creatures such as wolves and cats are automatically tamed to their owner upon summoning.

A good way to reliably summon the Nature Guardian is to create a Summon spell for the Dryads, then spawn and kill five in a row. Creates a guaranteed Guardian, every time.


NOTE: This topic is not finished, so help it if you can.

Modifiers are components you can attach to an actual effect. For example, a (Shape)-Heal-Healing will be much more powerful than a normal Heal. Modifiers also improves how the spell's effects scale with stronger casting modes.

  • Colour

This modifier can be used to change the colour of a spells particle effects. This is done in the Crafting Altar stage of the spell creation by simply using a different projectile and any dye if the altar prompts for it. With it, projectile will fly like a Snowball, arrow, or any other projectile from vanilla MineCraft.

  • Gravity

Can also be used with persistent shapes like zone, making the zone itself affected by gravity.

  • Bounce

This modifier will make projectile spells bounce on the ground until it hits an entity or disappears.

  • Damage

Adds additional damage corresponding with the cast mode.

  • Duration

Adds additional time a spell is active corresponding with the cast mode.

  • Mining Power

This modifier will upgrade Dig Spells to (at least) "Diamond Pickaxe Level" allowing for mining of obsidian and similar materials. {AM2 1.7.10 -}

  • Piercing

Makes spells able to go through mobs (unsure if it applies to blocks).

  • Healing

Strengthens the potency of healing spells and increases it's damage against undead.

  • Range

Increases the range of projectile and beam spells.

  • Radius

Increases the radius of AoE and zone spells.


NOTE: Once again, these are straight from the Arcane Compendium. More details required.

Affinity Gains Boost

You have decided that elemental attunement is more important than arcane knowledge.  You can receive a boost to affinity gains in exchange for slower magic XP gain.  This is a permanent effect.

Augmented Casting

You have figured out how to put everything you have into a spell cast.  You can cast truly powerful spells with this new casting mode.

in version 1.2 casting modes have been taken away, including this talent

Extra Summon

Why do things yourself when you can have others do them for you?  You can now have one additional summoned/charmed creature or recruited mage (if you have the Mage Posse talent)

Mage Posse

Your talents as a mage have impressed others, and your reputation precedes you.  You can request that a light mage follow and guard you.  This counts against your summon cap.

Mana Regen Boost I

You are more attuned with the energy flowing through you.  Your magic regenerates slightly faster than normal.

Mana Regen Boost II

You are more attuned with the energy flowing through you.  Your magic regenerates faster than normal.  This replaces the bonus given by Mana Regen Boost I.

Mana Regen Boost III

You are more attuned with the energy flowing through you.  Your magic regenerates much faster than normal. This replaces the bonus given by Mana Regen Boost II.

Spell Movement

You have realized that agility is key.  To that end, you have trained yourself to be able to move at normal speed while using a spell. Instead of moving at a reduced sneak-like speed, you can now move at walking speed while charging a spell.

Spell Grammar

There are several limitations and rules while projecting a spell. Each spell is divided into blocks, each block defined by a shape. Any shape can be in any position, with the exceptions of Zone and Rune, which must not be placed last, along with AoE and Channel, which must be placed last.

Spell blocks are executed in the order you create them, and they will apply any component before moving to the following block. 

Modifiers will affect the block they're in, and there is a limit of 3 modifiers of the same type per block.


The following spells are 3 blocks spells that use the same components and shapes but in different orders to create different effects:

"[Self | Heal][Projectile | Magic Damage][AoE | Knockback]": This spell will heal yourself, then shoot a projectile that deals magic damage to whatever it hits, and then knocks away all enemies around the enemy hit, including that enemy.

"[Self|Heal][Projectile][AoE|Magic Damage|Knockback]":This spell will heal yourself, then shoots a projectile. It will then deal damage and knockback enemies around what the projectile hit.

"[Projectile|Heal][Self][AoE|Magic Damage|Knockback]":This spell will shoot a healing projectile in front of you, and will then deal damage and knock back any enemy around you.

"[Projectile|Wall|Touch|Lightning|Knockback]. This will create a wall of lightning where you aim, dealing heavy damage and knocking away targets. You can remove either the lightning or knockback for more specific effects. Substitute knockback for slow or ensnare if you wish to get target stuck in the field and continue to take damage.