Ars Magica 2 Wiki

This page is purely to know in general what is need to be done, rather than primarily which can be seen in the to do list.

Higher up stuff

  • Re-size all item images to correct sizes (51x51)
  • Create 'link to' pages for ease of linking in the future by having multiple pages with different syntax by first letter per word. e.g. Arcane compendium, Arcane Compendium, arcane compendium and arcane Compendium. i.e. following the format of; create a page with the first letter in the first word being caps then the rest being lower case, once the page is fully complete create pages of the same name but with mixed lowercase and uppercase for each letter in each word.
  • Set up a basis rule for pictures (correct sizes if items and name must be; first letter caps, others lower case including any extensions e.g. .png and not .PNG)
  • Make EVERY picture for ALL vanilla items
  • make a background theme for each holiday (can do this, but will take a long time)
  • revise all pages (revised pages can be marked with a ® symbol or the text 'revised')

Missing pages (found so far)

purified vinteum dust

Lower end stuff

  • Double check all comments made, for cleaning up purposes
  • Create, and finish, every page on the 'wanted pages' page that's necessary and clean otherwise (admin stuff, a list will be placed bellow here of all the necessary links for non admins once it's cleaned up.)
  • check(verify) every outbound link [verified pages can be marked with a ✓ or the words 'verified') otherwise clean 'dirty links'
  • double check all created pages names (clean up stuff)
  • Clean duplicate and out of date pictures and videos
  • decide if AM1 stuff should be placed/kept here (community chat, not just admin, post your opinion on the matter in the comments on this page only)
  • and much more to come.