• We could always use an extra set of hands. You can either fill out an application in this reply, or create a thread in this board. Keep this contained here though, if possible. If you do not get promoted to admin, but i still feel you'd be helpful, i may give you some lower set of permissions.

    Application Formatting

    Why you think you should be an admin:

    How many edits have you made on this wiki:

    What time zone are you located in:

    How long have you been editing the wiki:

    Other Useful Information

    Minimum Requirements

    • You have edited on the wikia for at least 2 weeks (More is better.).
    • You've created at least three new pages (More is better, again.)
    • You've made at least 50 edits
    • You've made an edit in the past week.
    • You pass final approval by an admin (probably PomTron)*
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    • A FANDOM user
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