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Welcome to my page traveller! I also welcome you to my creations.

If you haven't seen me roaming about online; I'm programmer with a passion for code, an artist with interest in animation, a game developer with intentions to experiment and a writer (although I can't write stories to save my life) with a love of lore - especially in the realm of magic, hence why it should be no surprise that I'm an admin of this wikia.

I mostly only come on to fix things up and make things generally look better, most of the time I'll be playing a game on steam, doing work or coding a personal project.

I've gotten pretty far in AM2 and AM1 but have never bothered with flickers, also I know most of the common glitches or things people miss. If you have any query's just shoot me up a question on my wall and I'll try to respond as fast as I can, otherwise make a comment on the relevant page and someone may find your question and answer it.

If you want to ask me about how I made the animations or where I get all my icons, I simply snipping tooled them from the book and saved them to then put them in a program called G.I.M.P.(GNU Image Manipulation Program) which is basically the free version of Photoshop where I removed the background replacing it with transparency. For the animations: if you have a delve into the AM2 zip file, you'll see all the icons and how the animations are structured, all I did was take each frame and layer them over each other with a white background on each layer/frame then exported it as a GIF.

If you're wondering I do occasionally do digital artworks on deviant art and, as my personal website links to, coding on codepen! So check out my DA page and maybe my CodePen page while your at it!