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Pishnx Pishnx 30 January 2016

I'm back in action!

I'll be making edits again on the wiki. I'll welcome myself back!

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Pishnx Pishnx 29 May 2014

Pishnx's Blog of Magic

Pishnx's Blog of Magic

-Blog to highlight spells I have combined together/found


>Projectile | Light

Creates an inconspicuous purple sparkly light that hangs in the air. This is a bit dim unless cast at at least half moon (press c by default) but you will use it constantly while mining and for lighting up distant ceilings.

>Zone | Duration | Duration | Duration | AoE | Grow plants | Harvest plants

Creates a zone that constantly applies a bonemeal-like effect to the ground and harvests the results. This will produce blue orchids, tamra root, and also desert novas if cast in the desert. Lasts a long time. ( Due to the 3 durations)


>Touch | Dig

Instantly digs the block in front of you. Crescent moon can break any block a stone pick can, …

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