Ars Magica 2 Wiki

Utility is the third skill tree in Ars Magica 2, found in the Occulus along with Defense and Offense, the other active skill trees, and Talents, which is a passive skill tree. It is used for, as the name implies, more utility-based spells, such as the ability to dig with magic, see in various conditions, gain certain buffs, affect certain items, and even perform tasks more quickly, such as farming.

The tree includes the following, from top (easier to get) to bottom (harder to get).

Shapes: Touch, Binding, Chain, Channel and Contingency: Death.

Components: Place Block, Dig, Wizard's Autumn, Harvest Plants, Night Vision, Light, Plow, True Sight, Disarm, Plant, Grow, Charm, Invisibility, Rift, Create Water, Random Teleport, Attract, Telekinesis, Drought, Blink, Banish Rain, Water Breathing, Transplace, Mark, Recall, Divine Intervention, and Ender Intervention.

Modifiers: Target non-solid blocks, Mining Power, Feather Touch, Lunar, Range and Radius.

Silver Spells: Daylight, Moonrise, and Prosperity.

Some of the more useful items in here are the Shapes of Touch and Chain, the components of Harvest Plants, Wizard's Autumn, Night Vision, Telekinesis, Mark and Transplace, and the modifiers of Mining Power, Range, and Radius, although all of these Shapes, Components, and Modifiers can be used to great effect with proper execution.

Name Description Unlock Color Type
Touch Executes a spell's function at touch range Blue Shape
Binding Uses a binding reagent to bind a spell in tool form Blue Shape
Chain Spell effect jumps from target to another one nearby Red Shape
Channel Spell effect is applied to the player at a constant rate for as long as their Mana lasts Green Shape
Contingency: Death Activates a spell bound to it when the target with the contingency active dies Red Shape
Place Block Places a block at the target block Blue Component
Dig Mines the target block Blue Component
Wizard's Autumn Destroys leaves Blue Component
Harvest Plants Harvests crops, without destroying them Green Component
Night Vision Grants the user night vision for a duration Blue Component
Light Places a magelight at the target point Blue Component
Plow Will apply the effect of using a hoe on dirt where it hits Blue Component
True Sight Allows the user the ability to see illusion blocks Blue Component
Disarm Disarms the target (causes the target to drop the item being held) Blue Component
Plant Plants crops automatically from the user's inventory Blue Component
Grow Creates plants that normally only spawn naturally, a bit like using bone meal on grass but can also spawn the flowers from this mod and works on sand and water (you need Target Non-Solid Blocks to hit water) Red Component
Charm Gives a chance to charm the target if it's an AI (artificial intelligence) Blue Component
Invisibility Makes target invisible Green Component
Rift Creates an Ender chest-like entity in which you can store items Green Component
Create Water Creates a water source block at the target block. Green Component
Random Teleport Teleports the target to a random point close by Blue Component
Attract Living creatures are pulled toward the target Green Component
Drought Removes water source blocks and water parts. Will also dry blocks (such as dirt into sand) Green Component
Blink Teleports target Green Component
Banish Rain Stop rain and thunder/snowstorms Green Component
Telekinesis Dropped items and XP orbs are pulled toward the target Green Component
Water Breathing Grants the user water breathing for a period Blue Component
Transplace The target swaps places with the user Blue Component
Mark Places a mark point for recall at the target block Green Component
Recall Teleports the target to the marked point Green Component
Divine Intervention Teleports the target to the Overworld Red Component
Ender Intervention Teleports the target to the Nether Red Component
Target non-solid blocks Allows spells to work on non solid blocks like tall grass. Blue Modifier
Mining Power Increases the mining power of the Dig component Green Modifier
Feather Touch Applies Silk Touch I to the spell book when that spell is selected (Intended for use with the Dig spell component) Blue Modifier
Radius Increases the range of the spell if it is AOE Red Modifier
Lunar The strength/duration of the spell increases at night the closer it is to a full moon. Red Modifier
Solar The strength/duration of the spell increases the closer it is to midday. Red Modifier
Range Increases the range of the spell