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Winter Guardian


The Winter Guardian is truly the embodiment of it's namesake. Surrounded by frigid winds that sap the strength of all who near it, the Winter Guardian pummels its frozen foes and shatters them with powerful strikes.


To summon the Winter Guardian, seek out an area in the grips of winter. Place a gold inlay circle on the ground and build an effigy to the Winter Guardian in the center, Ice on top of two Blue Topaz blocks. Then create 3 snow golems close by to fuel the summoning. Warning: this is a very difficult boss that can take down even the most well geared players unless you have full mage/battlemage armor.


The Winter Guardian is quite effective against opponents who attempt to melee it. It induces Frost Slow and Mining Fatigue in all nearby mobs. Like the Earth Guardian, it can be killed by flying up in the air, striking it with a ranged attack to force it to teleport only to fall to the ground, taking fall damage. The Guardian also regenerates health steadily when it is snowing.

The Winter Guardian doesn't fight too differently from the earth guardian, except its attacks hit a lot harder and he is able to reach out and pull a player back in if they try to flee, causing a lot of damage as well as a stronger mining fatigue and frost slow effect. On top of its standard abilities, the Winter Guardian is completely immune to frost damage and has a damage cap of 5 (2.5 hearts)

It is recommended to avoid it when it is snowing, and if it does start to snow, attempt to lure or push it out of the snow biome to prevent it from regenerating health.

Warning: If the Winter Guardian dies from a source other than the player (e.g. being on fire or from fall damage) you won't get the infinity orb (you will still get the essence, and the heart if you have Tinkers' Construct, however).


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