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A picture of Wizard's Chalk.

Recipe for Wizard's Chalk

Wizard's Chalk is an optional component used when creating Obelisk (structure), Black Aurem, or a Celestial Prism. It serves as an upgrade to the structures, which "increase the output of the Obelisk's burn capabilities".

If you have Staged Compendium set to true in the AM2.cfg config file, the crafting recipe may not be revealed with the structures that use it.

To craft chalk you require the following materials (in any order within a crafting table):

  • Bonemeal
  • Clay
  • Vinteum Dust
  • Flint
  • Paper

Chalk has approximately 55 uses before it is consumed.

Older Versions

Previous versions of Ars Magica 2 used three types of chalk for the three types of nexi:

  • White Chalk for making a light nexus
  • Blue Chalk for making a neutral nexus
  • Red Chalk for making a dark nexus